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How to Apply

Application Steps

  1. Go to the application form ⧉ and fill it in.  There are 6 main questions.

  2. You can also send your answers as a video or a mix of video and written answer.

  3. We can arrange for people to write your application down as you dictate it (not write it for you) or help you with filming.

  4. Complete the form and send it in by 12:00 Monday 17th August.

  5. We will let you know that we have got your application by e-mail.  If you need a different method of communication, please let us know.

  6. We will let you know the result of your application (also by e-mail or other nominated communication method) by Friday 21st August.

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You can apply for a place on AD:Vantage if:

  • You live in Coventry

  • You work in arts, culture or heritage

  • You have 3+ years’ experience of paid work

  • You identify as a person with disabilities or have experienced disabling barriers imposed by society

Where you live

This pilot programme is funded by Coventry City Council so is only open to applicants who live in the Coventry area. We will ask you for your address when you apply.

What you do for work

If you want to apply, you will need to be at least 3+ years into your career, so you have established a working practice and a sense of future career direction. 

The programme is open to arts professionals and creative practitioners who have been employed or have a self-employed professional practice or portfolio career in the cultural, heritage and creative sector for at least three years. We will ask you for some details of your work history as evidence of this.

This type of work includes – among other titles and jobs: 

  • Artists (including but not limited to visual artists, makers, performers, musicians, dancers and theatre practitioners, choreographers, writers)  

  • Producers,

  • Directors,

  • Arts managers,

  • Arts marketeers,

  • Arts and heritage fundraisers,

  • Curators,

  • Invigilators,

  • Front of house and box office/ reception staff,

  • Technical staff and

  • Creative technologists.


For this programme we are using an inclusive definition of disability based on the Social Model. The Social Model states that it is the physical and attitudinal barriers in society that disable people.

All sessions will be delivered to reflect the energy of the group – taking regular breaks from the screen for comfort and other needs.  In order to plan and resource our delivery, we will also ask you what adjustments we can reasonably make (such as screen captioning in the group sessions) to increase ease of access.  This will not affect your selection prospects. 

Employed Staff and Furloughed staff

If you are employed, you will need to have your application approved and endorsed by your employer, giving you permission to take the time and space you need to take part.  If you have indicated that you are employed, we will ask for an email from your employer confirming that they support your application.

A group of young people of different ethnic backgrounds
Full Eligibility Criteria
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Selection Process

We will make a selection based on your responses to our questions which need to show your suitability and readiness for this type of course.

When selecting the cohort overall we are also looking for:

  • A diversity of skills and lived experiences;

  • A range of people from different art forms; and

  • A range of types of experience of disabling barriers.

​There are 5 places available on this pilot programme and if successful, we hope to run further programmes in the future.

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